December 2013
Nya resultater!

Amon-Ra IPO 2 95-87-90
Amon-Ra  IPO 3 97-85-85

Astraia  FH 2 94 points
Astraia  Nr. 2 at Norway championships FH
Astraia  RSP2 183 – 83
(Norwegian program;  track/search in a field- obedience)



Oktober 2012
Nya resultater!

Inti SL 3 97p- 81p. 
Amon-Ra IPO 1 97p - 96p - 80p

August 2012;

Emigrantens Astraia is mated to Cartagena Fighter
25. August 2012



Astraia & Fighter

July 2011;

Arinna and Amon-Ra av Taranis are x-rayed. HD; A  


Emigrantens Astraia became number 2 at Norwegian Championship,
SL 3 (track and obedience)


Aine, Arinna og Amon-Ra av Taranis have done their 
MH (mental description) in Sweden, Uddevalla. 
They were a little bit young (12 months), but did great tests. 


Inti van de Biezenhoeve have past here SchH 1.



Arvid & Inti van de Biezenhoeve

Congratulations to Emigranten`s Az-Cobra for passing the Swedish Korning with score 434 p. She has now her titel KORAD.

Congratulations to Camilla & Emigranten`s Ares, 
for passing IPO 2 in Belgium (90-80-86).


Emigrantens Astraia was awarded the Norwegian German Shepherd club
award for working dog 2010.

Amon-Ra and Artemis av Taranis was both placed ML 1 at puppy show. 
Amon-Ra became BOB puppy, and
BIG 3! 



Arinna av Taranis was placed ML 1 at a puppy show. 
BOB puppy, and BIG 4! Congratulations Hilde!!! 

Also NEW pictures of all A-litter puppies, Look at A-litter.

      Arinna BOB puppy 

Amon- Ra av Taranis participated in a puppy show and was placed ML 2 (very promising, number 2.)


Astraia made her IPO3 in Haugesund, with the points 93- 80- 82  


Astraia have passed Schh3 with 97- 76- 94 !!!

Inti have started in NKK LP Class 1 - 
Obedience, and are ready for Class 2.

Inti have also passed BH.

All puppies have got their new homes.

One male will stay with us here at Kennel Taranis.
Amon- Ra av Taranis

Father & son.

24 Aug
Congratulations to Helen & Emigranten`s Azcobra, for passing IPO 1!!! 

And to Kim Nordbotten og Emigranten`s Akira for NKK LP Class 2 (Obedience – ready for Class 3).

24 July
Inti VdB was in Sweden 16/07/2010 
and took, MH- test. Read more.

29 June
Puppies are born!!
Read more at Puppy pages.

27 June
Inti is x-rayed.
HD; A  AA; A

30 May
Astraia is confirmed pregnant.
Puppies are expected i the end of june!!


16 May
Astraia og Åshild have passed their FH 1, with 94 points and SG

02 May
Congratulations to Helen & Emigranten`s Az-Cobra (Sweden), with the BSL 1!!!

29. March
Congratulations to Camilla & Emigranten`s Ares, with the IPO 1!!!

Astraia og Åshild have passed SL3, with the points 90 - 98.
The same day Astraia did a great mental test - "Funksjonsanalysen", with a high score on courage, pray drive, 
temperament, a tailored dominance and sharpness. She showed a good ability to concentrate and coordinate.
Totally; A dog with really good nerves.

    Åshild og Astraia SL 3, dommer Kari M. Myrland, Beate og Chevy SL 2


27. February

Astraia participated in a show (system from Germany). 
She got the title "Vorzuglich", and became V3, in the class for working dogs. 

V3, Brukshundklasse tispe. Dommer: Jan Knudsen;
“Grå. Middels stor, middels kraftig, av meget god type. Meget godt hode og uttrykk. 
Meget god rygglinje. Korrekt front, noe steil overarm. Meget godt vinklet bak, korrekt underlinje. 
Korrekt sett forfra og bakfra. Viser meget gode bevegelser”. 

The year 2009

Astraia have this year done VPG 1, SchH2 and SL 2. 
Åshild and Astraia competed in IPO NM, Norwegian Championship all breed, IPO 1, where they became nr. 4. 

In July we bought Inti from kennel van der Biezenhoeve in Belgium. This is hopefully Arvids new competition dog.

Lona og Saskia, are our too oldest dogs. 
They get their daily walks, are family pets, and still loves to play around and do some tracking.